From northern Alaska to the far reaches of the globe,
our yurts are ready for wherever the journey leads.
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"We are so pleased with the Nomad Shelter yurt we will be using no other product." "An interesting side note as I am typing this letter is that we are having a severe storm with wind gusts up to 80 mph. It blew the roof off the 30' yurt we purchased from another company and isn't phasing the Nomad Shelter yurt at all."
" in the round close to nature. It is great how the wind whips around it and I hardly notice. I am proud that it is made in Alaska, USA."
"Awesome people and yurts. All promises were kept and yurts arrived on time. I couldn't be happier. The Tenhoffs are stand up people and a hard working family business.
"We went up to shovel it off and it must have had 4 feet of snow and ice on the roof. Pretty amazing building to handle that kind of snow load..."
" is -18 outside today and with our little wood stove going strong, it's plus 68 in the yurt. All the best from Whitehorse."

Why Nomad Shelter Yurts?

Nomad Shelter has been building Alaskan-quality yurts since 1995. Our hand-crafted yurts thrive in a staggering array of environments and uses around the world. We are a family owned business that is just the right size to build your quality yurt while keeping the process on a first name basis. We are known for our commitment to quality and durability while building the most sturdy, dependable, 3 and 4 season yurts in the industry.