Visualize... living lightly in the round can transform the relationship between you
and your environment, whether it's a yurt for personal or commercial use.


As your customers look for increasingly unique experiences, Nomad Shelter yurts present a richly inviting and economical space for businesses of all types. Low impact design, quick set up, and a wide range of sizes with modular potential means the sky really is the limit when considering our yurts for your small business, ski resort, campground, temporary festival housing, or any other application that requires a versatile, cost effective, and captivating structure.


Since first moving into a yurt of their own design in 1987, founders Lee and Jess have known that the comfort, security, and inspiration of living in the round is an experience unlike any other, and have worked to help fellow Alaskans and others across the globe to enjoy this experience. For a primary dwelling, temporary structure on your property, or guest housing, Nomad Shelter is here to help you realize your goals.


As an easily transportable free-standing structure, the yurt has infinite uses beyond your central housing needs. Natural lighting and a circular seamless design cultivate a serene atmosphere perfect for your personal retreat, studio or office, or health/fitness space. Customers have found our yurts to be a distinctive solution to their needs. The yurt's natural adaptability and our willingness to work with you on a huge range of custom options means that whatever vision you have, we can help you live it in the round.