Nomad Shelter v. Pacific Yurt

Here at Nomad Shelter we are grateful for the work Pacific Yurt has done in making the commercial yurt a more mainstream familiar design for residences. Many if not all of the major yurt companies have copied the basic Pacific frame and cover design. Nomad Shelter is an exception to that rule. The Nomad Shelter Alaskan Yurt is the product of 25 years of design testing and modification. There are many differences between the Nomad Shelter design and the Pacific Yurt and their copies.

Differences in the Nomad Shelter design by component:

Nomad Shelter offers the Duro last Roofing membrane in 40 or 50 mil for both the top and the walls included in the standard price. The Duro- last vinyl is a proprietary blend originally designed as swimming pool liners. It has the highest UV resistance available and is also mildew and fire resistant. Duro-last meets California state fire marshal code requirements for commercial buildings, some of the toughest in the country. There is a 15 year Duro last warranty on all weather related or factory related damages on the top cover. We only use this product on the top because we find it to be the most durable and safest.

We offer the Duro last on the wall also for the standard price however since it only comes in 5 colors we also offer Vinyl Tech 18 oz vinyl in 19 colors.

All Nomad Shelter covers come with rain diverts over the main entrance, fitted eves with no dirt collecting puckers. We also add facings on all the joins around the doors and windows so that there are no drafts. Storm flaps that zip down cover the windows and insulation inserts are offered in the standard price so that the r value can be the same for the windows in the cold weather. All this for no extra charges.

Nomad Shelter offers octagonal faceted skylights hand crafted from Cedar and plexiglass. They come complete with a hand made lever action vent for no extra charge. There is a 6” or 8” safety bracket through the center to safely support the stack exit in high winds. The metalbestos stack screws securely into the bracket and clears the peak with no need for additional guy wires or knee support or flashing. This is an important feature in high wind areas. The stack can be angled on the interior of the yurt to place the stove anywhere its wanted. The safety bracket can be capped if there is no need for a stack exit due to alternate heat supply.

Nomad Shelter central compression rings are on average thicker then any competitors. The larger sizes can be shipped in two pieces and bolted together on site to ease shipping. The most distinctive feature is the mortis and tenon joinery of the rafter end to the compression ring. Nomad Shelter uses no metal pins. The rafter end inserts directly into the compression ring. This is a much stronger design then the metal pins and also does not create tortion so that there is no need for the wire lacing through the rafters that compromises strength and snow load.

Nomad Shelter offers the insulation package offered by the other companies as a 3 season liner. In temperate areas for vacation homes with summer use the 3 season is fine. In Alaska and in high elevations (or areas with Alaskas’stolen polar vortex!) it is good from April through October.

We offer a heavy winter liner for the winter months that includes the components offered in the 3 season liner plus a layer of polyester batting and building wrap to make a 4 layer liner that is both reflective and also approx R 10-12. ( no firm r values because of disputed reflectex r values ). This liner is distinctive to Nomad Shelter. The owners have lived in Homer Alaska with that liner and no addition for years. If you live areas of more extreme cold we can offer guidance on how to up that R value yourselves to an R 20-25.

Nomad Shelter door frames are 2”x6” construction and include a header reinforced with angled aluminum bar for additional strength and snow load. The frames fit the commercial metal insulated doors with a half light and bug screen. Those doors are standard in the 7’ walls and include fixtures and deadbolts for the standard price . The yurts with 6’ walls have a hand made cedar and plexiglass half light door hung with exterior fixtures included.

2”x3” for the 12’ dia - 16’ dia.

2’x4’ on the 18’ dia. - 24’ dia.

2’x4’ on the 20’ dia. - 24’ dia.

2”x6” on the 30’ dia’ - 34’ dia.

2”x8” on the 40’ & 50' dia.

All rafters have angled mortis and tenon joinery inserting into the central compression ring. There is one hole drilled toward the top of the rafter for a wire gust lock cable. This secures the rafter from popping out of the compression join in high gusts. Rafters are Douglas fir or Alaskan white spruce.

Lattice is 1”x2” white spruce or douglas fir in comparison to the 1⁄4 inch lath used in other companies our lattice is structural not purely aesthetic. It is bolted at the top to support the join that is notched to hold the compression cable. There is no need for additional vertical support in the 12’-30’ models. The 40’ - 50’ dia come with vertical rafter support for added strength. The increased dimensional strength and bolts add snow and load load strength . There is no need for an added winter strength package. The standard yurt is sufficient tested over 25 years in Alaska. Nomad Shelter designs their standard yurt to be tough enough for the extremes of weather found in any environment in Alaska.

Nomad Shelter offers 18’ diameter,24 ft diameter, 34 ft diameter , 40 ft diameter and 50 ft diameter yurts in addition to the sizes offered by the competition.